Deputy James (Jimmy) McGrane  violently lost his life while on duty
March 22, 2006.  During a routine traffic stop he was shot by a
wanted felon, ending his life at age 38.

With efforts by the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department,  Law
enforcement Agencies across New Mexico and
America's Most
Wanted,  accused killer Michael Paul Astorga was captured in Mexico
for this  murder.  Astorga had been eluding law enforcement for some
time before his capture.   He is presently being held in New Mexico
and awaiting his trial for this murder.
The purpose of this website is to raise public awareness in regards to the safety of our law
enforcement officers.

The "Officer Street Survival Training" Deputy James F. McGrane, is a non-profit organization.  The
goal of the organization is to provide New Mexico Law Enforcement Officers with the additional
training needed in order to have knowledge and skills to stay one step above those in our community
who have chosen to disregard the value of human life.

The advanced survivor skills training is not offered as a standard course for law enforcement officers.  
While the training isn't cheap, the additional tools and knowledge that is provided is invaluable.  Due to
the fact that it is not part of a basic curriculum, a significant amount of private funding is necessary to
provide the training for the officers each year.  Mr. and Mrs. James F.  McGrane,  (Deputy McGrane's
parents and founders of this non-profit organization) want to ensure that we reach as many law
enforcement officers in New Mexico as possible and that the officers will not incur any out of pocket
-Photo by Adolphe Pierre-Louis/Journal
"Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but
                                  -William Shakespeare

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Astorga, who made the FBI's Top Ten fugitive list, was captured in
Ciudad Juárez after he made a series of calls to his wife's family in
Important Phone Numbers:      

Violent Crimes / Homicide Unit    
400 Roma NW  -  768-4111

Special Victims Unit
400 Roma NW -   314-0134

400 Roma NW -   314-0484

PO Box 25927,
Albuq., NM -          798-7053

Gangs / MDC  
400 Roma NW -  768-4111

White Collar  
400 Roma NW -  768-4350

Sex Offender Registration and
Tracking Unit
111 Gold Ave SE - 841-9551


Michael Paul Astorga,  was found guilty on all charges, of
during a traffic stop in the east
mountains. .
Michael Paul Astorga was sentenced to LIFE + 13 years in prison for the killing
of Deputy James F McGrane Jr.

11th Annual Officer Street Survival Training Class
Will be held March 21st and March 22nd 2017.
Register today!

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Spring Pancake and Sausage Breakfast 2017
February 26, 2017
8am-12 noon
Elks Lodge
2430 Centre SE
Albuquerque, NM

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A Special Thanks to the LOS CARNALES/LA FAMILIA M.C. -
ALBUQUERQUE, NM  for their continued support of Officer Street Survival
Deputy James F McGrane JR.

We had another successful Poker Run.

Your dedication to our mission is greatly appreciated!


Congratulations to
The 10th Annual Officer Street Survival
Training Class

540 Law Enforcement were trained
in this year's anniversary training.

Thanks to everyone that helped to make this
This is a Non-Profit Organization. For more information please
email us.

Officer Street Survival Training
Deputy James F. McGrane, Jr.

Training provided
by Calibre Press
Instructed by Lt. Jim Glennon
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