Most officers can not afford this specialized training and New Mexico officers are no exception.

This organization is set up to receive donations that will provide training for over 500 officers at least once a year.  

Providing this service 2 or 3 times a year is the goal of Officer Street Survival Training, Deputy James F. McGrane, Jr.

Donations are tax deductible.  
The training is provided by:

Ultimate Survival Instincts
by Calibre Press/ Lifeline
Instructed by Lt. Jim
Glennon and Sgt. Keith
4 Different Ways To Donate!  

*1. You can donate securely through this website by clicking the PayPal
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*2. You can mail your donation to the address below

*3. You can donate through the United Way!  Tell your employer you
want your donation going to Officer Street Survival and use code:

*4. Add us to your "online bill-pay" and make your monthly donation!  

It's a great way to donate without the hassle and you will have a record
of your donations at year end!


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Officer Street Survival Training
Deputy James F. McGrane, Jr.
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5th Annual Training
March 2011